Contamination studies in Christiania

In 2006, The Danish Building and Property Agency (the former Danish Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties) conducted a contamination study on the ramparts in the Christiania area. The engineering company NIRAS has conducted the study.

Studies in 2008

In the spring of 2008, NIRAS conducted four studies in cooperation with Christiania's Building Office.

Information concerning the contamination condition in Christiania

In the spring of 2008, the Capital Region of Denmark identified Christiania as contaminated at knowledge level 2 with the contamination category F2 according to section 12A in the Danish Act on Soil Contamination.

The Capital Region of Denmark has had an assessment conducted by the Public Medical Officer regarding the indoor climate in Nissehuset (The Pixie House).

In connection with the state buildings for residence needing to have been transformed into a general housing organisation in Christiania as part of a total solution in Christiania, the City of Copenhagen has assessed the contamination condition in relation to social housing.

On 1 October 2008, the Danish Building and Property Agency (the former Danish Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties) sent a letter out to all residents and businesses in sub-areas I and II. The letter informed about the degree of contamination in the Christiania area and gave good advice on how to deal with contaminated soil.

Along with the letter, a map was also sent showing where there was contamination in Christiania. Two maps were drawn up:

Map of Christiania, A3 - covering the entire Christiania area

Map of Christiania, A4 - covering sub-areas I and II

The City of Copenhagen has prepared the pamphlet "Det er sjovt at lege med jord. Om børn og leg på forurenet jord" (Playing with dirt is fun. About children and playing in contaminated soil).

The Danish Ministry of the Environment has prepared the pamphlet "En hverdag med jord i byen - gode råd" (Daily life with soil in town - good advice).