Digital construction

The ICT regulations, the regulations concerning information and communication technology, form the basis for the requirements of public developers for their suppliers with respect to the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in the context of public construction projects. The aim is to increase the productivity in public construction and the subsequent operation, and to increase ICT use in the Danish construction industry in general through high and uniform demands on behalf of the public authorities for construction suppliers.

Uniform data transfer and simulation tools

Data must be able to be transferred and reused consistently and to a higher degree between different parties in the project during all phases of the process. By project parties using common data, misunderstandings and errors are avoided, and better tracking of construction products, increased innovation and better dialogue are achieved. In that way, higher productivity and quality can be achieved.

Digital simulation tools enable complex simulations of energy, fire, indoor climate and construction conditions both in new construction and in the existing building stock. In this way, the tools can help to reduce the number of errors and defects in the finished construction, reduce energy consumption, ensure a better indoor climate and increase safety and accessibility in buildings.