Nordic Committee on Governmental Building (NKS)

The Danish Building and Property Agency participates in the Nordic Committee on Governmental Building (NKS), which is a collaboration between governmental property organizations in the Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark.

The network was established to share experience and knowledge among the countries to strengthen the development in the governmental property organizations.


The network can appoint a number of working groups, which address matters relevant for several of the member organizations. Presently, there are two working groups:

  1. The Working Group on “Sustainable construction"
  2. The Working Group on digitalization

With a focus on sharing knowledge and experience the network has established an exchange programme that gives employees the opportunity to visit each others organisations to gain insight in processes and working methods.


The CEOs of the organisations meet every year to discuss current topics including reports from the Working Groups

NKS holds a conference every second year with the participation of the CEOs and employees within the topics of the conference. In 2017 the conference was held in Sweden, while the next will be held in 2019 with The Danish Building and Property Agency as host.