Private office leases

The Danish Building and Property Agency leases approximately 1.2 million m2 of office space from private landlords and is an important and professional player in the market of commercial leasing.  The number of private leased office spaces constitutes an increasing proportion of the total portfolio. The main reason for this is that resettlement of state institutions to a large extent takes place by moving into private leases and relocation from older, outdated state-owned properties.

Universities also use private leases to cover their room needs, but since the universities themselves enter into private leases, it is outside the agency's area of responsibility.

Institutions in private leases, with regards to both offices and universities, are subject to the same political objectives for energy reduction as institutions located in the state-owned buildings. So there is the same expectation of energy savings for the institutions, regardless of whether they are located in state-owned properties or private leases.