The buildings in Christiania

Today, there are approximately 325 buildings in Christiania, of which 104 are state buildings from military times and the remaining buildings are self-build houses, which were constructed after 1971.

In total, the floorage in Christiania is a little more than 66,000 m2. The state buildings comprise approximately 55,500 m2 and the self-build houses the remaining floorage.

The Foundation Freetown Christiania owns all buildings outside the borders of the historic monuments, and these buildings constitute floorage of just under 40,000 m2. The foundation has also purchased 36 buildings, all of which are situated within the borders of the historic monuments, meaning on the protected ramparts. These buildings constitute floorage of approximately 11,500 m2. Thus, the foundation is the owner of a total of almost 50,500 m2 in the Christiania area.

The state still owns a number of state buildings on the historic monument, which are leased out to the foundation. They constitute floorage of approximately 6,000 m2.

Of the total floorage space, 19,000 m2 are used for commercial and/or cultural and social purposes and the remaining 47,000 m2 are used for residence.

The existing housing in Christiania's urban section consists mainly of detached building blocks. The only place where there are tendencies for block structures is along Prinsessegade.

Protected and preservation-worthy buildings in Christiania

The protected buildings in Christiania are:

  • Den Grå Hal (The Grey Hall)
  • Den Grønne Hal (The Green Hall)
  • Kosmiske Blomst (Cosmic Flower)
  • Fakirskolen (The Fakir School)
  • Autogena
  • Aircondition (Air-conditioning)
  • Krudthuset i Vilhelms Bastion (The Gunpowder House in Vilhelm's Bastion)
  • Kommandørhuset i Vilhelms Bastion (The Commander's House in Vilhelm's Bastion)
  • 7'eren (The 7)
  • Rådhuset (The Town Hall)
  • Mælkebøttens-port / landetat (The Dandelion door / army)
  • Multihuset (The Multi-house)
  • Loppebygningen (The Flea Market Building)
  • Det lille Krudthus v./den grønne hal (The small Gunpowder House near The Green Hall).

In addition to protected state buildings, there are also some self-build houses, which have been determined as preservation-worthy. They include:

  • Bananhuset (The Banana House)
  • Pagoden (The Pagoda)
  • Sjette Sans (The Sixth Sense)
  • Domen (The Dome)