For several years Christiania has existed under special terms, and over the years the area has been subject of much political debate. The following outlines legislation that has been particularly important for the area's development.

In 1989, the first Christiania law was adopted and aimed at enabling the use of the Christiania area.

1989: Law no. 399 of 7 June 1989 relating to the use of the Christiania area

1989: Regulations relating to the performance of the first Christiania law

From 1991-2004, Christiania existed on framework agreements, which were entered into with the Ministry of Defense. The framework agreements continuously established and included among other things that the residents of Christiania had the right to use the buildings and the area as a whole. During this period, the area was subject to special law, which meant that the general laws and regulations had been put out of force.

1999: Framework agreements between Christiania and The Ministry of Defence (terminated 1 July 2004)

 In 2004, the Christiania Act was revised as the intended development of the area was not achieved. With the change of legislation, the area would remain a green and car-free neighborhood in Copenhagen, with the possibility of living in a different way - but within the general framework of the legislation without special law.

2004: Legislation no. 431 on amendment of the Christiania Act

2004: Proposed amendment to the Christiania Act

2004: Proclamation: Termination of the collective right of use of the Christiania area

Following the revision of the Christiania Act in 2004, many political negotiations took place. In 2007, the state and Christiania were close to reaching an agreement and document 86 highlights the framework for the negotiations.

2008: Document 86 of 2 January 2008 concerning economic approval of the 24 August 2007 Agreement

On June 22, 2011, the state and Christiania entered into a final agreement on the future ownership of the Christiania area. With the agreement, the purpose of the Christiania Law in 2004 was fulfilled, and the Christiania Law could be terminated.

2011: The final agreement between the state and Christiania

2013: The submitted proposal for abatement of the Christiania Law on 13 March 2013 including regulatory notices

For further information on the negotiation process between the parties from 2004-2011, see "Negotiations between Christiania and the State".