The residents of Christiania

In total roughly 630 adults live in Christiania as well as roughly 130 children. There are about 90 businesses.

The resident composition in Christiania

According to information from 2006 from the City of Copenhagen, the age distribution of the residents is as follows:

  • 18% of Christianites are under 18 years.
  • 5% of Christianites are between 19-24 years.
  • 18% of Christianites are between 25-65 years. Among these, 68% are 40-65 years.
  • 3% of Christianites are older than 65 years.

According to Christiania, approximately 645 persons older than 18 years live in Christiania.

Income and socio-economic status of the residents

Some 40% of Christianites older than 18 years are outside the workforce. The socio-economic distribution among residents older than 18 years is as follows:

  • 42% of the residents are employed.
  • 4% of the residents are registered as unemployed.
  • 12% of the residents are recipients of cash benefits.
  • 11% of the residents receive early retirement pension.
  • 4% of the residents are enrolled in a nationally recognised education.
  • 2% of the residents are retirement pensioners.

The majority of the residents in Christiania have an annual income below DKK 150,000, while the second largest portion earns less than DKK 50,000 annually. So there is a relatively low level of income among the residents of the area. 

Education level of the residents

  • More than 50% of the residents aged 16-66 years in Christiania have a basic general education as their highest completed education. 
  • After primary school, it is mainly persons with a vocational education, who live in Christiania. This group accounts for nearly 19% of the residents aged 16-66 years.
  • A good 8% of the residents have completed a medium-cycle higher education.
  • A good 3% of the residents have completed a long-cycle higher education.

Residents' cars

According to the City of Copenhagen, approximately 140 of Christiania's residents hold a parking license. This figure is consistent with the Christiania Committee's statement of registered vehicles in Christiania, which in 2004 amounted to 168 passenger vehicles. It corresponds to car ownership of more than 190 per 1,000 residents.