Facts and figures

The Christiania area consists of approximately 32 hectares equivalent to 320,000 square meters.

After the transfer of buildings and land of the Christiania area to the Foundation Freetown Christiania on 1 July 2012, the foundation now owns approximately 7.3 hectares, while the state still owns the rest.

The area consists of the former military barracks of Bådsmandsstræde and the former Ammunition Arsenal, and comprises just under half of Christianshavn's Rampart, which stretches from Langebro in the south to Kvinti Lynette Bastion in the north and borders Christianshavn to the east.

Christiania was established on 26 September 1971. Approximately 630 adults and approximately 130 children live in Christiania.

There are a total of approximately 325 buildings, which represent a total floorage area of 66,000 m2. Since 1 July 2012, the Foundation Freetown Christiania owns approximately 50,500 m2.