Energy efficient renovation of Vester Voldgade 123

The former Post Giro Building on Vester Voldgade, which houses the Danish Ministry of Children and Education and the Ministries' Nursery School, has undergone an extensive energy efficient renovation over the past few years.

The project is one of the Danish Building and Property Agency's most ambitious, since the goal was to maintain a good indoor climate and reduce energy consumption as much as possible - in a 71 year old building. The energy efficient renovation has resulted in energy consumption having fallen by 80% and the energy label has been raised from F to A1 - from bottom to top. At the same time, Vester Voldgade is now certified as a Passive House, actually the largest Passive House according to the European centre for passive house certification, PASSIVHAUS INSTITUT in Darmstadt, Germany.

Engineering and architecture together

The Danish Building and Property Agency has made use of innovative solutions in the project such as recycling rainwater for flushing toilets, storing solar heat under the building and pre-heating/cooling of blast air using free energy from the ground. Intake of outside air is also taken in over the roof, where there are fewer polluted particles in the air than from the street.

The energy efficient renovation has also been an exercise in demonstrating how technology and architecture go hand in hand. That external additional insulation is not only a technical solution, but to a large extent requires architectural adaptation. The great architectural challenge in this project has been to adapt the approximately 35 cm thick, external insulation and the new windows for a light and elegant exterior.

New direction for the construction industry

In addition to the great gain in energy savings, there is also the benefit that the solutions in the project show a new direction for energy efficiency measures in the entire construction industry - both in public and private settings.

The individual solutions are already on the market today; what is new is that in this project, the Danish Building and Property Agency is combining the solutions in a new and innovative way. A way that can inspire the construction industry to embark on many more energy efficient renovation projects of the same type.


Location: Vester Voldgade 123, Copenhagen, Denmark

Developer: The Danish Building and Property Agency

Tenant: The Danish Ministry of Children and Education and the Ministries' Nursery School

Area: 7,000 m2

Architect: tnt architects a/s

Engineer: Lars Ørtoft Engineering Consultants A/S

Consulting engineer: Strunge Jensen A/S, Consulting Engineers F.R.I.

Contractor: G.V.L Entreprise A/S