Businesses and associations in Christiania

Approximately 90 companies and associations are registered in Christiania.

They are broken down into the following characteristic groups:

  • Public places (music venues, pubs and restaurants)
  • Production and sales outlets
  • Small businesses and clubs

External and internal businesses

Another way to describe the businesses in Christiania is to divide them up into external and internal businesses:

The external category includes the restaurant Spiseloppen (The Eating Flea), Smedjen (The Smithy), Kvindesmedjen (The Women's Smithy), Månefiskeren (The Moon Fisher), Woodstock, Musikloppen (The Music Loppe), Infocafé, Nemoland, Morgenstedet (The Morning Place) and the resident's consultancy Herfra og Videre (Upwards and Onwards), as well as many others.

The internal category, which first and foremost serves the residents, includes Indkøberen (The Grocer's), Grøntsagen (The Vegetable), Den Grønne Hal (The Green Hall), Vaskeriet (The Laundry), Bageriet (The Bakery) and a number of one-man businesses.

In addition, Christiania also has a nursery, a kindergarten, recreational clubs for children and a youth club.