About us

What does the Danish Building & Property Agency do?

The Danish Building & Property Agency is the state's property enterprise and developer. We have the responsibility of creating modern, functional and cost-effective frameworks for some of the country's most important government institutions, for example the universities, the police, the courts and the government departments.

Work spaces and buildings have a great influence on learning, efficiency and job satisfaction. The frameworks that we create for government institutions - our customers - are therefore essential for them being able to solve their tasks and contribute to the development of society. Through effective revealing of current and future needs in cooperation with the customer, we develop the local solutions, which create the greatest possible value for the customer - and for the state and society.

Large volume with great opportunities

With a total property portfolio of approximately 4 million m2 - of this about 1 million private leases and PPP-projects - and more than 1,600 leases and with current and planned construction projects for a total of approximately DKK 16 billion, the Danish Building & Property Agency is one of Denmark's largest public property enterprises and developers.

The volume of the Danish Building & Property Agency provides the opportunity for systematically keepings costs down and making use of economies of scale. Our volume also helps to create synergy and coherence in government construction and property transactions and create development in construction. In this way, we make sure to get as much as possible out of the resources of the customer and the state.

Young government agency with great experience

The Danish Building & Property Agency is a result of the formation of the government of 3 October 2011, where the government placed the responsibility for the state's office buildings and university buildings and for construction projects with the now former Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building. This means that the Danish Building & Property Agency is a young agency, which is based on a long experience with property activities and and construction.

After the formation of the government of 28 June 2015 the Danish Building and Property Agency is part of the Ministry of Transport and Building.

We solve the tasks connected with the renting out of state-owned properties through modernisation and new construction and through sales, purchasing, leasing, constructing, renovating and maintaining the properties.